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Applecross Country Club

Grassing Completed at Applecross Country Club

November 12, 2009
EAST BRANDYWINE TWP. PA-  Early fall saw the grassing of the remaining holes and the practice area at Applecross Country Club.  Mike Nicklaus made a site visit near the end of September for a final review of the putting surfaces on the back nine holes with Dave Heatwole prior to seeding.  The remainder of the golf course landscaping was located in the field by Heatwole Golf Design. 
With the grow-in and establishment of the turf on the front nine holes well underway, these holes look to be just about ready for play.  Applecross Country Club anticipates a summer of 2010 opening.

Applecross Country Club Ongoing Construction and Grow-in

July 7, 2009
While the front nine was grassed last fall continues to grow in nicely, work continues on the remaining golf holes. Recently, 2 more holes have been grassed, and 2 others are being prepared for grassing. Most of the shaping work has been completed on the golf course. Michael Nicklaus is scheduled to stop by for a site visit in mid-July to review the progress and give his approval for completion for the remainder of the golf holes. Plans are to complete the grassing of the remainder of the back nine holes and the practice area by early September. 

Continued Progress at Applecross Country Club

November 4, 2008
Work continued to progress through the summer and fall of 2008 on this Nicklaus Design 18-hole golf course for Pulte Homes Corporation. The work progressed well in the summer, allowing the construction crews to concentrate primarily on completing the front nine holes of the golf course.
Michael Nicklaus provided timely site visits to the golf course to give the necessary input and approvals to help meet the scheduling goals of the project. With the majority of the earthmoving and shaping work on the entire golf course completed in the summer, most of the efforts in the fall focused on the features construction and grassing of the front nine golf holes.
The final grassing of the fairways, roughs, and native areas was completed in early November. All of the bunkers and most of the greens on the front side were seeded and put to bed for the winter. Good weather conditions late in the fall allowed a good start to the grow-in process for those areas that were grassed earlier in the season.
With the majority of the back nine holes shaped, most of the drainage has been installed and a good portion of the topsoil has been re-spread on these holes. The work on the lagoons has been completed, the pump station has been installed, and the irrigation and cart paths have been installed in a few of the holes on the back nine.
With the onset of winter, it is anticipated that the progress on site will be slow for the next few months.

Work Progressing at Applecross Country Club

April 29, 2008
Early last fall, earthmoving began on the 18-hole championship golf course for Pulte Homes. As the large-scale earthwork progressed, some shaping and drainage work was able to get underway before the winter months. The amount of completed work allowed Michael Nicklaus to make his initial site visit at the end of November, just before the weather began to slow things down.
Throughout the winter months, construction continued as the weather allowed. Because of the relatively mild conditions during this time, the site’s tree clearing, earthmoving, shaping, and drainage are now nearly halfway complete. 
In the beginning of April, Michael Nicklaus made his second site visit and was pleased with the progress. 
Currently, the installation of irrigation is underway, as well as the construction of the water retention lagoons and associated rock walls. 

Applecross Country Club to Begin Construction Spring of 2007

April 10, 2007
Heatwole Golf Design serves as a design consultant for Nicklaus Design on this new golf course project located in East Brandywine Township, west of Philadelphia. 
The 18 hole par 72 golf course is being developed by Pulte Homes as part of an overall residential community. The new golf facility is to be operated by ClubCorp.


Bonnie Briar Country Club

Progress on Bonnie Briar’s 2nd Master Plan

October 11, 2010
LARCHMONT, NY-  Initial steps of their second Master Plan with Heatwole Golf Design were taken by Bonnie Briar Country Club in the form of bunker improvements.  After considering their priorities, the club decided that the renovation and addition of bunkers on several holes was the most logical beginning step of the master plan.
It was the club’s desire to restore the bunkers to a classic design similar to the original Devereux Emmet style. 
On 5 holes, a total of 2 bunkers were added, 9 bunkers were renovated, 2 greens were expanded, and 1 tee was expanded. 
The bunkers that were added included a fairway bunker and an approach bunker which create a more demanding tee shot and a strategic shot into the green.  In the cases where other bunkers were renovated, an emphasis was put on visibility, playability, and ease of maintenance. 
Both greens were expanded to create more pinnable areas and to being the recently renovated greenside bunkers into play.  The par 3 hole can now offer more challenging pin placements.

New Short Game Practice Area Created for Bonnie Briar

August 29, 2010
Bonnie Briar Country Club has sought to upgrade its practice facilities and turned to Heatwole Golf Design to create two new greens for its members to hone their skills. 
The new chipping green is 3,000 square feet with movements that create a variety of realistic breaks, depending on your pin selection.  A new bunker was also added which allows the golfer a variety of bunker shots to various pin positions.  To offer even more shot selection, the chipping green’s fairway was designed to give players the ability to practice uphill, downhill, and side hill pitch shots. 
On the other side of the fairway is the new putting green.  At 6,000 square feet, the green features undulations, which allow golfers to sharpen the skills on a wide variety of putts. 
Construction of the new practice green complex is scheduled to begin in early fall 2010, with a planned opening in late spring/early summer 2011.

Bonnie Briar’s 2nd Master Plan in Early Stages

August 10, 2008
With the successful implementation of the initial 4-Year Master Plan, Heatwole Golf Design went back to the drawing board to begin work on the club’s second long term Master Plan.  Having spent much time on site, attended meetings, and through discussions with many influential members and committee chairmen, Heatwole Golf Design has been able to compile a lot of information over the previous several years.  Much of this input would comprise the preliminary work for the second Master Plan.
Once the improvements were compiled, Heatwole Golf Design produced preliminary graphic plans to better communicate the design recommendations.  Not only did the drawings illustrate the improvements, but they also helped show the scope of work for each individual phase. 
After receiving feedback on the club’s priorities, the next step was to proceed on with presentation graphics.  Shortly thereafter, Heatwole Golf Design presented its drawings to Bonnie Briar’s Green’s Committee.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the next step in the process will be to complete the final master plan for a presentation to the club

Bonnie Briar’s Final Implementation of the Master Plan

January 16, 2008
This past year saw the conclusion of Heatwole Golf Design’s 4-year Master Plan for the country club. During those four years, Bonnie Briar reaped the benefits of the course’s many improvements. 
As part of the initial plan, re-grading was completed this Fall on holes #11 and #12 to improve playing conditions and new drainage was installed accordingly. 
Perhaps most noticeable to membership, however, will be the stream channel beautification project on hole #6. In conjunction with the stream work, two fairway bunkers were added, the fairway was sand capped, and a new stone bridge was constructed. 
The most recently completed work involves the tee expansion on holes #2 and #3. Due to increased play, it became necessary to enlarge these hitting areas to accommodate the growing membership. 
Clearly pleased with the results, Bonnie Briar is currently in talks with Heatwole Golf Design on a new 5-year Master Plan. 

Bonnie Briar Country Club Implements Master Plan

April 10, 2007

The 18 hole private membership club is located in Larchmont, New York.  The golf club is in the third year of incorporating work from the Master Plan which was developed by Heatwole Golf Design.  Some of the larger improvement projects include tee renovation, tree removal, and the installation of new landscaping, drainage, and cart paths.  Additional improvements to the golf course are planned for the remainder of this year and 2008, including additional fairway drainage, pond construction and the redesign of the 18th hole.


Cedarbrook Golf Course

Cedarbrook Golf Course Contract Heatwole Golf Design for Master Plan

October 28, 2008
BELLE VERNON, PA - The Cedarbrook Golf Course is a 36-hole public course that has hosted events for the PGA, USGA, and more locally, the WPGA and KPGA.  Despite an outstanding 4.5 out of 5 rating by Golf Digest’s Places to Play, the Cedarbrook Golf Course chose not to rest on its laurels. 
Heatwole Golf Design was recently contracted by the club to develop a Renovation Master Plan.  While the main focus of the Master Plan is on improving the course’s bunkers, other areas will be addressed during the phasing, such as tee, drainage, and cart path improvements. 
Compiling field notes from site visits, Heatwole Golf Design created a base map to help outline the scope of work and its overall impact to the course.  After presenting the long-term Master Plan, Heatwole Golf Design is working with Cedarbrook’s ownership team to prioritize the phasing of the upcoming improvements.


Heritage Hills Golf Resort

New Holes Coming Together at Heritage Hills

October 18, 2008
YORK, PA - As the plans move forward on the final 18-hole layout, the holes on the property between the Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Springwood Golf Course have made great strides towards completion.   
Recently, the main focus at Heritage Hills has been the new #3 and #11 holes.  They represent the first steps in creating a connection from the Springwood property to the Heritage Hills property.  Being in such a position required the foresight to accommodate the future housing development that will one day be alongside these holes. 
Knowing that these would be the first two holes in the steps to combine the two courses, Heatwole Golf Design recognized the importance of establishing a consistent design.  Taking input from the Heritage Hills management team, the style for the eventual 18-hole course is evident in the newly developed golf holes.   
Both the #3 and #11 holes have been completed and are currently in the grow-in stage.  In addition to these two holes, the construction on the new hole #9 has begun. 

Unique Challenges Lie Ahead at Heritage Hills

January 21, 2008
The project at the Heritage Hills Golf Resort and the Springwood Golf Club offers a truly unique design challenge. 
What currently stands as two separate 18-hole golf courses will eventually be combined into one layout to accommodate the new housing developments. As these courses are consolidated, an additional five new holes will be designed to help ease the connection. Essentially, this project encompasses three separate sites, each with distinct challenges, yet all ripe with opportunity. 
Throughout the entire process, Heatwole Golf Design has been working with the sites’ various land planners and engineers in order to ensure our design is up-to-date with the development’s progression. 
We carefully designed the sites individually to create the most efficient routing while maintaining an exciting golf layout. This approach allowed us to focus on site-specific issues while keeping an eye on the big picture- a completely revamped Heritage Hills golf course. 

Heritage Hills Golf Resort Signs With Heatwole Golf Design for Major Renovation Project

April 10, 2007

Heritage Hills Golf Resort & Conference Center located in York, Pennsylvania has contracted Heatwole Golf Design to design the proposed renovations to the existing golf course.  Renovations will affect many of the existing golf holes as well as designing a number of new holes which are to be located on adjacent property.  The project is currently in the planning and design stages and will include the addition of new residential and commercial components to the project.


Highland Country Club

Highland Country Club’s Bunker Renovation Well Received

April 29, 2008
FORT THOMAS , KY-  Early in the summer of 2007, the bunker renovation work at Highland Country Club was completed.  The project’s scope impacted nearly all of the existing bunkers on the course.  In some instances, bunkers were eliminated where they were deemed non-essential. 
The changes to the bunkers included improved aesthetics, playability, and strategy.  Also, in some instances, they were re-configured to ease maintenance practices both for the bunker itself and its surroundings.  The greenside bunkers were renovated to improve drainage and create better access to the green.  In addition to being re-shaped, all the bunkers were filled with a better quality sand and had liner installed. 
With the project nearing a year since its completion, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Bunker Renovations Well Underway at Highland Country Club

April 10, 2007
In 2006, Heatwole Golf Design began working with Highland Country Club in Fort Thomas, Kentucky to renovate the bunkers on approximately half of the holes on the golf course.  Along with the building of new bunkers, some of the original bunkers were eliminated and areas around the greens were reshaped.  The remainder of the bunker renovation work is scheduled for 2007.  The club is also in the process of reviewing additional future renovation projects for the golf course.


Leewood Golf Club

Leewood Takes First Steps in Master Plan

June 16, 2011
EASTCHESTER, NY- Leewood Golf Club is beginning the initial design steps in the implementation of its Master Plan.  Initiated by a need to replace the golf course  irrigation system, the club enlisted Heatwole Golf Design to develop  a master plan for the Devereux Emmet designed golf course.
In coordination with the irrigations design consultant,  new ponds will be incorporated  throughout the course.  Not only will they provide a greater water capacity, they also create new challenges on several golf holes.
Other aspects of the Master Plan being considered for the initial phase include new and renovated tees, improved fairway grading, and two new green complexes.   

Leewood Golf Club Contracts Heatwole Golf Design for Master Plan Study

May 18, 2010
Leewood Golf Club has enlisted Heatwole Golf Design to prepare a Master Plan study for its 18-hole private golf course.  Adding length, improving drainage, renovating bunkers, tees, and greens are just a few of the areas to be considered in the study. 
In order to acclimate itself with the desired improvements, Heatwole Golf Design will work closely with the club’s master planning committee to receive feedback from the members, club committee as well as the club’s staff.
Heatwole Golf Design looks forward to a great working relationship with Leewood Golf Club and is excited about the opportunity to begin the Master Plan process at the historic club. 


Metropolis Country Club

Metropolis Country Club Plans for the Future

January 29, 2008

WHITE PLAINS, NY-After serving as a consultant during the club’s most recent renovation work, Heatwole Golf Design had been asked to develop a Conceptual Master Plan.   

Initial stages of work included several site visits to gather information while walking the grounds.  But it wasn’t limited to just compiling field observations.  Through discussions and meetings with the Greens Committee Chairman, the Head Professional, and the Golf Course Superintendent we were able to assemble a broad spectrum of ideas. 

Incorporating the input of club representatives, Heatwole Golf Design created an extensive Preliminary Master List of Work.  Overlaid on an aerial photograph, this Master List illustrates the compiled data by projecting the area of work throughout the golf course.  Serving as a foundation for future planning, the Master List allows the club to prioritize based on factors such as budget, potential disturbance, and scope of work. 

Renovation Work Continues at Metropolis Country Club

April 10, 2007

Metropolis Country Club located in White Plains, New York has contracted with Heatwole Golf Design to serve as design consultant to the club for renovation work on the golf course.  Renovation work on some of the tees was completed in late fall, 2005.  Additional tee renovation work along with the redesign and expansion of the putting green was undertaken during the fall of 2006.  Planning is underway for additional renovation projects for 2007.


Old Oaks Country Club

Design Consultation at Old Oaks Country Club

February 26, 2008
PURCHASE, NY- Heatwole Golf Design has been contracted by Old Oaks Country Club to consult with the club for ongoing and future design improvements to the golf course. This past Fall, we worked with the club and the golf course contractor on the renovation of the tees on several of the golf holes. 
Recently, we presented the club with our design recommendations in areas such as tree removal, cart path relocation, and additional tee improvements.
With the 2008 US Open qualifier to be held at Old Oaks, Heatwole Golf Design will be working with club representatives to help prepare the course for this upcoming event.


Penn State Golf Courses

Penn State Engages Heatwole Golf Design for Additional Improvements

July 10, 2009
UNIVERSITY PARK, PA - As the golf course looks to make additional improvements to the facilities around the clubhouse, Heatwole Golf Design will study their impact to the surrounding golf course features.
With the new Team Clubhouse and a proposed pavilion, improvements are being looked at in these areas.  Ideas being studied are the relocation and upgrading of the practice range tees, the addition of a warm-up putting green, and the relocation of the back tee of Hole #1 White.

New Putting Green at Penn State Golf Courses

November 15, 2008
With the new Men’s and Women’s Golf Team Building slated to begin construction in the near future, the Penn State Golf Course turned to Heatwole Golf Design to design their new putting green. 
Through several site visits and discussions with the General Manager, Superintendent, and Golf Coach, Heatwole Golf Design received plenty of ideas for their new putting green.  In addition to the Penn State design aspect, Heatwole Golf Design also worked in conjunction with the building’s architect and the site engineer.  Utility locations, limits of work, and the geothermal well locations are just some of the examples of the changing site conditions.  
Located where half the current putting green sits, the new bentgrass green boasts an 8,000 SF footprint which helps tie in the area between the existing Club House and the new Team Building.  The putting green’s design focuses on creating different putting options to multiple cup locations on a significantly more contoured surface than the existing green.  Two fairway areas offer an opportunity to putt from a tight cut approach surface on opposite sides of the green


Presidential Club/1757 Golf Club

Final Holes Constructed at 1757 Golf Club

November 9, 2009
DULLES, VA-  The remaining six holes of the new 1757 Golf Club have been constructed and are now in the grow-in phase of the project.  Under new ownership, the original design was modified to consolidate all of the golf holes on one side of the street.  The new par 70 layout has five par 3s, including a challenging par 3 finishing hole requiring a carry over water to a green  with a stone wall extending along the front of the putting surface.
With the grow-in of the new holes well underway, the opening of the remaining golf holes is scheduled for early summer 2010.

Ten Holes Open for Play at 1757 Golf Club

June 2, 2009
With the resumption of construction on the unfinished golf holes, 1757 Golf Club opened to rave reviews on the holiday weekend. Golfers were able to play a limited layout consisting of 10 holes (what will eventually be Holes #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 and #17).   In addition to the golf course, the practice facilities were opened as well, prompting The Washington Examiner to declare them the “best practice facilities of any public course in the DC area.”

The Presidential Club is Now 1757 Golf Club

May 9, 2009
With Billy Casper Golf taking the reins of the golf course operations and management, what used to be known as The Presidential Club has been renamed as 1757 Golf Club.  The number “1757” is significant because it is the year that Loudoun County was founded. 
Changes include the facilities will now be open to the public, in contrast to the private corporate membership structure that was originally planned by the former owners.  Also, the golf course routing will now be completely north of Waxpool Road, which will create an 18-hole par 70 layout upon completion.

The Presidential Club Makes Strides Towards Completion

January 18, 2008
With the majority of the earthmoving and lake development work complete, the final quarter of 2007 came to a close. Despite the unpredictable weather, the construction work at The Presidential Club continues to gain momentum. 
As the project began to prepare for the potential of less than ideal weather conditions, Heatwole Golf Design worked closely with the Project Manager and the Golf Course Contractor to develop a flexible schedule. It was crucial to break the work down into smaller projects that would not be jeopardized should the weather interrupt for too long. This approach allowed the construction to continue at a reasonable pace while the golf course steadily comes together.
The result of the aggressive planning was the completion of a significant amount of work on holes #3, #4 and #14. In addition, drainage and shaping work continued on the next set of holes to be built, while some sod has been laid on holes #4 and #14. 
With the cooperation of Mother Nature, this first set of holes will be ready for grassing in the early spring.

The Presidential Club Currently Under Construction

April 10, 2007

The new 27 hole Heatwole Golf Design course is located in Dulles, Virginia, near the Washington Dulles International Airport.  The Practice Area, Golf Academy and the six golf holes of the first phase of the project have been completed and are currently in the grow-in stage.  Construction is now underway on the next phase which includes the remaining 12 golf holes of the first 18 holes.  The Golf Academy and Practice Facility are scheduled to open sometime later this year and the first 18 holes of the corporate only membership golf course are scheduled for opening in the fall of 2008. 


Golf Club of Purchase

New Practice Facilities Open at Golf Club of Purchase

July 28, 2008
PURCHASE, NY- With the arrival of spring and the completion of the construction work, the newly renovated areas of the practice facility were in the final stages of grow-in and ready for use. 
The addition of a new pot bunker and the existing bunker’s redesign offer a variety of shots to the completely redesigned green.  The more expansive fairway features changes in terrain which create more shot options than the previous layout.  Additional infrastructure work, such as drainage and cart path relocation were implemented into the overall design, making the new facilities operate efficiently and seamlessly. 
This improvement ties in with the completion of the club designed indoor practice facility.  Sitting above the existing practice facilities, the new indoor practice structure boasts three bays.  Working in conjunction with the Director of Golf’s teaching vision, Heatwole Golf Design created a target green beyond the newly renovated practice greens.  This will allow players to hit at realistic targets during lessons given in inclement weather. 
Pleased with the practice facility renovation work, the Golf Club of Purchase also asked Heatwole Golf Design to work with the contractor adding a fairway bunker on its 18th hole.  Recommended by Jack Nicklaus, the new fairway bunker was added after eliminating a pond alongside the right side of the closing hole.  Previously, a good drive could find its way into the small pond, which was not visible from the tee.  The new bunker not only improves the hole aesthetically, but strategically as well.    

Golf Club of Purchase Seeks Practice Facility Improvements

January 23, 2008
Looking to simulate a wide array of golf shots for its members to hone their skills on, the Golf Club of Purchase enlisted the services of Heatwole Golf Design to redesign its practice facilities. 
The impetus for these improvements began with the construction of the indoor practice building, which will be used for instruction year-round. To go along with the new facility, the club sought an expanded chipping green as well as new bunkers and a new target green. 
In working closely with the Director of Golf and the Golf Course Superintendent, Heatwole Golf Design created a plan to accommodate the various practice needs of the membership. 
The focus of the design was to maximize the chipping area while incorporating undulations in the fairway to ensure no two shots were alike. A similar approach was taken in the bunker redesign- a larger sand trap with many more shot options. The chipping green expansion allowed us to work more contour into the existing green, which helps make all the surrounding shots require the discipline that will translate into success on the course. 
Construction began in October, and the improvements are well underway.


The Saint Andrew's Golf Club

Saint Andrew's Bunker Renovation Unveiled as Course Opens in Spring

May 14, 2009
HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, NY-The second phase of the bunker renovation at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club was completed in Fall 2008, and was anxiously anticipated by the membership.  While members got a chance to experience the first phase bunkers last year, the remainder of the bunkers were not grown-in and ready for play until Spring 2009.
Since Heatwole Golf Design performed the final review and sign-off, membership comments have been overwhelmingly positive, in terms of both the aesthetics and playability of the renovated bunkers.  In addition, the superintendent has been pleased with the performance of the new bunkers and with the better condition and eased maintenance of the refined (and re-grassed) greens surrounds.
Along with the bunker renovation, Heatwole Golf Design also developed 2 options for potential practice range improvements. 

 Second Phase of Bunker Renovation Well Underway at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club

October 3, 2008
As the first phase of the bunker renovation neared completion, Saint Andrew’s Golf Club was set to begin the second phase. While initial phase construction was ongoing, the club had Heatwole Golf Design draw up plans for the second phase. This allowed for the easy transition into the next step of construction. 
Where the initial phase focused on the bunkers which were more visible or more in need of improvement, the second phase dealt with the remaining bunkers. In many cases, the bunkers were reshaped to ease their maintenance demands or to improve their visibility. In a few instances, research was done to determine if grass hollows were actually the remains of bunkers from an earlier design. 

Bunker Renovation About to Begin at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club

April 28, 2008
Originating in 1888, The Saint Andrew’s Golf Club is the oldest golf club in America. And while the most recent bunker renovation only dates back to the 1970’s, the club felt it was time for improvements. Having previously served as the design consultant to the club, Heatwole Golf Design was contracted for the bunker renovation project. 
Working with the club to assess the bunkers, Heatwole Golf Design determined those which were in most immediate need of renovation. Along with input from the Golf Course Superintendent, Heatwole Golf Design then put together a plan that would minimize disruption and allow the 18-hole course to operate during construction. 
The project calls for approximately half of the course’s bunkers to be renovated this Spring, with the scope of work differing on each hole. Fairway bunkers are being re-done to improve the surrounding turf conditions. Other individual bunkers are being reconfigured to enhance their playability. The largest of the projects involve entire greenside complexes in which several of the bunkers are to be re-shaped to create better access and relieve the areas of excessive wear. 
Construction is set to begin by the beginning of May with hopes of completion by the end of June.

Heatwole Golf Design Working with Saint Andrew's Golf Club in Planning Future Renovation Projects

April 10, 2007

Drainage, cart path, and bunker renovation work in addition to rebuilding a few greens are all future projects being considered by The Saint Andrew's Golf Club located in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Heatwole Golf Design is working as a design consultant to the club to help in planning the future improvements to the golf course.